Clear Lake 2020

Time Away

2020 Has been a challenging year. Be sure to stop, take some time for friends, family, and the things you enjoy doing. Nothing lasts forever!

Family Gatherings


One of the best things being part of a larger family is the get togethers. It seems there is always a birthday, or an event, or sometimes both to be celebrated. This year was a combination of Father’s Day and Lexi’s 16th birthday on a cool June day. Special thanks to Laura for the awesome cake, and quick visit. Also to Brad and Jenn for putting up with our craziness for the day and staying late for some games. It was a super day all round!

Fall is for families

Fall is one of the best times of year to get out and take pictures.

Killick Inn & Suites

In touring around Newfoundland we stayed at several quaint places, but none were as nice as The Killick Inn & Suites. The location worked well for us as we ended our day there – as opposed to specifically travelling there as one of our stops. We didn’t have any specific places saved in the immediate vicinity for sightseeing, but the views were pretty, and the place was just what we needed.

Upon arriving we were impressed to find everything looked brand new. In talking with people we found out it was a few years old, but the place was immaculate, and far better for the money spent than anywhere else we stayed in our travels around the province.

The main area was complete with a living room, kitchen, and laundry

and the two bedrooms were spacious and clean