360 Photosphere samples


attachment_id: you will get from media manager, you only need to add attachment id.
control{true/false}: It is the feature to show control on the image or not. Default it setup as true.
auto-rotate{true/false}: It is the feature to auto rotate of image. Default it setup as true.
zoom_level: You can set zoom level from 0 to 100. Default it setup as 0.
anim_speed: You can set animation speed from 0 to 100. Default it setup as 2.
default_position: Defines the default position, the first point seen by the user. Default it setup as 0.
allow_scroll_to_zoom{true/false}: It is the feature to zooming of image. Default it setup as true.

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Simple Photo Sphere

WP-VR-view – Photo Sphere and 360 video

The Skies Over Oberrüti

This fall we had the awesome opportunity to return to Carrie’s home country of Switzerland. It’s a beautiful country with many diverse landscapes. I’ll be posting some shots over the coming weeks, but this drone footage was taken in the small town of Oberrüti where her family was from. We were there in October and had the most amazing weather where almost every day was sunny and the temperatures in the 20s which is not normal for that time of year. I’m already looking forward to going back again!

Pinawa Tiny Planet

Pinawa Tiny Planet

One way to get creative is going to new places. Another way is to try and see places you already know in new ways. That’s the thinking I had when I put together this tiny planet view of the Pinawa Suspension Bridge. Its a fun way to take a look at a familiar scene in a new light.

It was part of a day spent exploring the region that I talked about in my Pinawa Bridge post. Enjoy the image, and if you want to explore the tiny planet, be sure to check that out.


Pinawa Tiny Planet