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MRA Superbike

So from the karting races we made our way back out to the highway and up the road to the other end of the field where my buddy AJ was racing his 600cc bike in the MRA Superbike races. While the bikes are topping out around 250 kph, the speed is somewhat deceiving.

We arrived just in time for the afternoon break and hit the pits. AJ was just in the middle of trying to frantically solve a leak in the front breaks in time to hit the polls for the next race. So as he ‘solved’ the problem (as much as you ever solve a problem in pit row) Mark, Dylan and I headed out to pick a spot to shoot the bikers as they raced.

While we were successful in finding a spot to shoot from AJ wasn’t as successful in finishing the race. On the last lap an aggressive passing maneuver led unscheduled exit off the track at 180 kph. After a lucky miss of the tire barricades and a gentle putting down of the bike prior to hitting the ditch no ‘serious’ damage was done!