2020 Has been an eventful year. When we look back over the events, its easy to see lots that has gone wrong in the world. No one has escaped from the stress and anxiety of all that it has brought with it, and that’s especially true of those trying to plan a future together. A lot has happened since that sunny day in Florida at Disney when you said yes. The stress of finding people to stand in the wedding party, and then trying to find people to fill in as life’s obligations get in the way. The frustration of planning a wedding social only to have public health rules restrict it to the point that it needs to be postponed, re-planned, and then cancelled again. The last minute health rules impacting the number of people who can attend, having to rescind invitations, and hope that people will find it in their heart to forgive you and understand, and while people are very understanding, no one wants to offend someone else. Intentionally or not.

But then in the end when things come together in a magical way, it seems all worth while and provides some hope that there is a future, and it starts right now. For Brad and Jenn, they started that future on a perfect day in September. It was a cool month with below seasonal weather, but someone was smiling on them for their special day, and maybe just some of the stresses and anxiety of the last year has finally melted away.

Good luck to Brad & Jenn on starting their new lives together.