Perspective is a funny thing. Having another opportunity to watch kids grow up reminds me of lessons I long ago forgot. When kids are small, the don’t have the attention span we have (or like to think we have) as adults. With Levi, his latest passion is his Scooter. He wants to go to the skate park every day to practice.

The thing that frustrates him most is not improving and not being able to do the tricks he’d like to do. That’s where I perspective comes in to play. He’s only been riding his scooter a couple weeks, and he has made awesome strides, but its not enough to satisfy him. Its easy to look around the skate park, and see kids doing the tricks he wants to do. The ones he can’t do yet. It’s all to easy to compare himself to them, and feel inadequate.

What he doesn’t see is how far he’s already come, and how all the hard work is paying off. Even as adults we need to keep these lessons in mind. Nothing comes easy, everything takes hard work, and lots of practice. We won’t see the micro improvements everyday, but if we stick with the program, keep trying even when we feel it is pointless or not paying off, we’ll find that in time we aren’t in the same place we were, and we are that much closer to our goals.

Life isn’t about racing to finish something. We aren’t done learning once we can ‘do the trick’. Learning never stops, so its important to enjoy the process. Be appreciative of where we started, where we are, and all that we’ve accomplished so far!