The World Goes On

The past year has brought so many challenges for many people. Not much about life has stayed the same, and yet pockets of life flourish. I’ve seen the heartbreak of dream businesses that have had to give up or postpone that dream through no fault of their own. Then I’ve heard other stories of record years for housing, car sales, and by all accounts, Amazon is doing just fine!




Maybe no one has benefited more than the other creatures who share our planet with us. We’ve all heard the stories of more numerous animal sightings, and fish returning to streams that were too polluted to support life before. While some of those things are maybe a little hard to quantify, subjectively I have noted more nature right in my own backyard. At certain times of the year we see deer, but this year they’ve been around more often. Lots of beaver and muskrats in the summer, and our next door neighbor has a fox living in their back yard. The latest in this wild kingdom parade is a great horned owl keeping us company the past couple days.

In the height of the stress and uncertainty that Covid has brought into our lives, it sure is nice to take a minute, look around and realize that the world is still turning, and will continue to do so, and this too shall pass.



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