It’s been a long hard 2020, and 2021 has had its share of challenges as well, but while Covid isn’t ready to give up its grip on society quite yet, it also feels like there are reasons to be hopeful. Spring is here and new life is starting to sprout. It feels awesome to be able to be outside soaking up the sun and more importantly being able to see family that we haven’t seen much of over the past year.

Even though life is starting to feel a little more normal, its important for us to not let our gaurd down just yet. Other provinces are seeing a resurgence of variant forms of the virus, and the gathers of the religious holidays at this time of year are sure to make things worse. That’s why gathering outside, and maintaining distance from one another is still so important.

While it still isn’t the same, its important to be thankful for the small changes, and signs that life is very slowly but surely returning to normal.