As part of a desire to get out and explore the wonders in my back yard I took a spring time drive out North East of the city of Winnipeg. It was a gorgeous day for the end of April; in the upper teens. A perfect day to pack up the car and go for a drive.

The first stop was at Seven Sisters. A massive generating station about 100km from Winnipeg and 70km from Lake Winnipeg. It was built in 2 stages starting in the 1920’s and finished off after the second world war.

It is still in operation today, and a cool stop North East of the city if your heading towards the Whiteshell.

Seven Sisters
Pinawa Suspension Bridge

When done there, it’s a short drive to the Pinawa Suspension Bridge, which is located just off the Alice Chambers Trail and has been attracting visitors since its opening in 1999. This 54 meter bridge over the Pinawa Channel connects people to the Pinawa Channel Heritage Walk on the North side.

Once here it was time to have a little fun, hiking, exploring nature, and taking some photos. Be sure to check out the bridge as a Tiny Planet.