San Francisco

Sometimes business and pleasure collides. That was the case this past October when I had the luxury of attending Oracle Open World in San Francisco. It was my first time to San Fran, and its a place I really want to return to.

The conference and the people I attended with kept things pretty busy, so there wasn’t as much time to see the city and enjoy the sights as I’d have hoped, but I took advantage of it where I could.

The weather was simply amazing. Barely a cloud in the sky the entire week, and I was also lucky enough to take in a 49ers game against the Colts – the game wasn’t great but the experience sure was.

I took an extra week and drove the California coast into Oregon and Washington on my way to Vancouver for my flight back home. Here the weather wasn’t as good and there was a fair bit of rain, but I can’t say enough about the beauty of the coastline. Its something I’d recommend everyone see, or at least add to your bucket list!


Looking for lunch

Another long weekend in the books in 2013. Its hard to believe where the time has been going. I think for me part of it is being mobile enough to get back our and enjoy the outdoors. While the weather hasn’t been fantastic, it hasn’t been terrible either. Lots of sun mixed with lots of rain and cooler weather. I trust this will make the farmers happy at least. Sunday morning was nice and sunny ahead of afternoon showers, so I headed out to Lockport to watch a good crowd fishing and the birds feeding.

Beginning of the Line

Well, its been a long while since I’ve made any updates to the site, and I hope this will be the start of many more frequent posts.

A Drive in the Country

Well it hasn’t been a great year health wise after breaking my leg in March so I haven’t been able to get out close to what I’d have liked – and that’s after missing last summers photography season with a torn ACL.  That aside I was able to get away to Nova Scotia with my daughter for a family reunion at the end of July. It was amazing to reconnect with all the family again and I was reminded just what a beautiful part of the country the East Coast is. These are just a few shots from a ride around the countryside on Cape Breton Island…

Xaman Ha Aviary

As a prelude to our trip over to the island of Cozumel, AJ and I stopped at the Xaman Ha Aviary which was pretty much right in out backyard. It was about $25 per person and fairly small, but worth the price of admission. There was an incredible amount of different species there – and lots of shade too 😉