Fall in Manitoba

Fall was short this year. It got cold quick and that combined with some real windy days took care of most of the autumn leaves. I was able to get out a little bit over the past couple weeks to grab some shots though. Maybe the last outdoors ones for a while. Welcome winter!

ELA Camp

I just got back this week from a few days out at the Experimental Lakes Area for some R&R and a canoe trip with my buddy Mark. Its a government research area consisting of about 60 lakes in southern Ontario. I had a good visit with the family and did a couple days canoe trip with Mark portaging across 3 lakes. That was quite the adventure carrying everything we needed on our backs, but it was a fantastic time.

Clear Lake

With some time off we headed to clear lake for a few days camping. I was disappointed not to see much in the way of wildlife apart from the bear that hung around the campsite for a couple days. The bugs were terrible and it rained a bit but overall it was a great break and was able to grab a few shots.


Time for some needed R&R. I took a trip out to the Whiteshell yesterday and hiked MgGillvary Falls. It was a beautiful hike, and only saw 2 other people the whole time out there. It wasn’t what I would call an easy walk carrying my camera gear, but manageable, and the weather complied which was great!!

Weekend Races

Finally experiencing some decent weather here in Winnipeg and decided to use it to full advantage. Packed up the gear and headed out to Gimli with my buddy Mark and his son Dylan to catch some racing action. Our first stop was at the Karting track for the Manitoba Karting Association.

There was some great action and some good photo ops. Fortunately since Dylan raced last year sponsored by the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, and Mark helped out at the track he was able to get us inside the track area to get up close and personal to the action.