Pinawa Tiny Planet

Pinawa Tiny Planet

One way to get creative is going to new places. Another way is to try and see places you already know in new ways. That’s the thinking I had when I put together this tiny planet view of the Pinawa Suspension Bridge. Its a fun way to take a look at a familiar scene in a new light.

It was part of a day spent exploring the region that I talked about in my Pinawa Bridge post. Enjoy the image, and if you want to explore the tiny planet, be sure to check that out.


Pinawa Tiny Planet

Rural Manitoba

There’s nothing like a road trip. Getting out of the city exploring, and knowing that I was going to be laid up for the next couple months was the perfect motivation to get out and do just that. So on what started out as an overcast Monday in the middle of June, Claire and I took to the road with no agenda or real destination in mind. The weather co-operated, and we had a great day driving, listening to music, and of course stopping when we felt like it to take some pictures along the way. It was a fun day, and a great reminder that you don’t always need to go a long way to find some great subjects.

St. Boniface


It hadn’t been the year that was hoped for in Winnipeg this year. Coldest winter in – well a very long time. If you want to get technical I think it was the 3rd coldest winter in over 100 years. We had a good stretch in the summer for 4 or 5 weeks, but that doesn’t totally calm the angry mobs. The reality though is this is Winnipeg, and as long as we live here, we know what we are in for weather wise, and have to be willing to accept it. Some places have perpetual rain, some intense heat, and others tornadoes. Maybe cold isn’t the worst of the negatives we could be stuck with.

In any event when its 28 degrees and almost October, there isn’t much to complain about. Find a patio, and order a pint. Cheers!!